REACH Ammonium Polyphosphate Fertilizer Halogen Free Fire Retardants

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name TFCARE
Certification REACH / CO / ISO
Model Number TF-303
Minimum Order Quantity 1000KGS
Packaging Details 25kg/bag or 1mt /bag , 20mt/fcl with pallets
Delivery Time 5-8days
Payment Terms T/T, D/P, L/C,
Supply Ability 500mt/ month

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Product Details
Material White Solid Crystalline Powder Water Soluble 100%
Solution Transparent Clear Fertilizer P N Compound Grade
Application Slow Released Liquid Fertilizer Storage Safe And Convenient
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REACH Ammonium Polyphosphate Fertilizer


REACH Ammonium Polyphosphate


Ammonium Polyphosphate Fertilizer REACH

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Product Description

Ammonium Polyphosphate Fertilizer For 11-37-0 10-36-0 Compound Liquid Fertilizer


Ammonium polyphosphate is a long-acting slow-release high-concentration liquid fertilizer. APP is not easy to react with calcium, magnesium, iron and aluminum plasma and fails. It is gradually hydrolyzed to orthophosphoric acid in the soil before it is absorbed by crops. It is an inorganic chelating agent in base fertilizer that can chelate. Metal ions can improve the mobility of phosphorus and the activity of trace elements to become a uniform and multi-component fertilizer; it can also be formulated with high-concentration compound fertilizers, which have high fertilizer efficiency and easy absorption. Add nitrogen and potassium fertilizers (UAN+KCl), insecticides, Trace elements, to achieve multi-functional fertilizer; at the same time, it can also be made into foliar fertilizer, which will not burn crop leaves, and can be kept on the leaves for a few days without steaming and crystallization (salting temperature is less than 0 ℃). The production process of ammonium polyphosphate adopts the method of ammonium polyphosphate. After mixing phosphoric acid and urea and heating and stirring, a clear and transparent liquid is obtained, and then the liquid is heated to obtain a white solid after foaming, polymerization and solidification. After cooling Get the finished product.


There are four factors affecting the hydrolysis of ammonium polyphosphate: one is the enzyme, the phosphatase in the soil is the key enzyme for pyrophosphate hydrolysis, phosphatase can quickly catalyze the hydrolysis of ammonium polyphosphate, the hydrolysis rate is 106 times faster than that without enzyme catalysis ; Second, the pH value, the lower the pH value, the faster the hydrolysis of polyphosphate; Third, the temperature, which is an important factor affecting the hydrolysis of ammonium polyphosphate, the higher the temperature, the faster the hydrolysis; Fourth, the metal ion, metal ion can Catalyze the hydrolysis of ammonium polyphosphate. The hydrolysis rate decreases as the activity intensity of metal ions decreases. The activity intensity of metal ions is: K+<Na+<Ca2+<Mg2+<Fe2+.


The fertilizer influencing factors of ammonium polyphosphate are divided into three categories: characteristic factors, soil factors and other factors. The characteristic factors include the degree of polymerization, the use of low-poly APP in the early stage of crops, and the use of high-polymer APP in the growth period of crops, which is consistent with its growth period and has good chelating ability. Soil factors include soil background phosphorus value and organic matter level. When the pH value is neutral, the effect of APP is equivalent to that of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate (MAP) and diammonium hydrogen phosphate (DAP); when the pH is less than 7, the effect of APP should be Better than DAP; APP effect should be better than MAP when pH>7. Other factors should be considered from the aspects of application usage, fertilization position and irrigation facility conditions. APP can be used as a seed fertilizer and can be applied multiple times at a time, while MAP can only be used a small number of times; APP is better on irrigation conditions because of its mobility better.


TF-303 is a water soluble Ammonium polyphosphate used for 11-37-0 or 10-36-0 liquid fertilizer.


TF-303 was improved with higher P2O5 and water solubility. It is white powder which is more convenience for usage and storage.

Reference Application:

1. Water 37.3% and APP303 62.7%, completely dissolved, yields solution with NPK ratio of 11-37-0

2. Water 42.4% and APP303 57.6%, completely dissolved, yields solution with NPK ratio of 10-34-0


It can be singly used for liquid N-P fertilizer, but the cost is a little high. Usually it is used with Urea, KOH and H3PO4 to combine the N-P-K fertilizer.


Packing: 25kg/bag or 1mt/super bag. 20mt/fcl.


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