TF-301 Ammonium Polyphosphate 25kg Water Based Fire Retardant

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name TAIFENG
Certification ISO9001 / REACH
Model Number TF-301
Minimum Order Quantity 100 KGS
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details 25KG/BAG , 17MT/20'FCL without pallets , 13MT/20'FCL with pallets
Delivery Time 10 - 15days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union
Supply Ability 200MT/month

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Product Details
Product Name Water Soluble Ammonium Polyphosphate P2O5 Content ≥45% (w/w)
Solubility ≥85g (at 25℃ In 100ml Water) Appearance White Powder Or Lumps
Effective Factors P And N Application Water Based Flame Retardant Fire Retardant
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25kg Water Based Fire Retardant


TF-301 Water Based Fire Retardant


Ammonium Polyphosphate 25kg

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Product Description


Ammonium Polyphosphate Water Based Fire Retardant With Clear Solution


Water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate is also called ammonium polyphosphate or ammonium polyphosphate , referred to as APP , and its molecular formula is (NH4)(n+2)PnO(3n+1) , in which the content of nitrogen and phosphorus is relatively high . According to the degree of polymerization , it can be divided into low polymerization , medium polymerization and high polymerization . The lower the degree of polymerization , the higher the water solubility . Conversely , the lower the water solubility , when n>20, it is an APP with poor water solubility , and when n<20 , it is an APP with high water solubility . Due to its different water solubility , ammonium polyphosphate is also widely used . Water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate , because of its relatively low melting point and sintering point , can be quickly melted at a lower temperature , penetrates into the pores of combustibles , isolates combustibles from the air , and further polymerizes and decomposes to form a film , Quickly cover all levels of combustibles to extinguish the flame , so as to achieve the purpose of extinguishing the fire . Therefore , it can be used to make dry powder fire extinguishing agent , which is used to extinguish paper , fabric , wood and other materials . In addition , because of its stable chemical properties , the pH is close to neutral , and its solubility is good ; and it contains high nitrogen and phosphorus elements required by plants , and has strong chelation of metal ions . It can also be used to make liquid compound fertilizers , and by gradually Hydrolyzed , well absorbed by plants , can be used as a slow-dissolving long-acting fertilizer .


Foreign research on water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate started relatively early in the early 1970s . The TVA company in the United States ammoxidized wet-process phosphoric acid with a P2O5 mass fraction of 54% in a tubular reactor . The product contains water-soluble polyphosphoric acid. Ammonium melt . In the late 1970s , countries such as Japan and the former Soviet Union began mass production of water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate and applied it to agriculture . In the late 1980s , RCE India set out to develop a granulated water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate fertilizer process . In China, the research on this aspect is relatively late. In the 1980s , research on the synthesis process and application of water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate began . There are few manufacturers selling water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate on the market , the price is relatively expensive and the product performance is not very stable . The purification and purification of water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate needs further study.


Application of TF-301


The water solution is used for fire retardant treatment. Can be prepared into 20%P-N fire-retarding liquid.

Used in the fire-resisting treatment of textiles, paper products, fiber, wood etc...

After special treatment, it can also be prepared into high-concentration (50%) fire-retarding liquid to meet special needs. It can be widely used in water-soluble flame retardant coatings, as well as high concentration binary compound fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers, ion exchangers and dispersants in the mining industry.



Specification                                                           TF-301                           

Appearance                                                            White powder or lumps  

Arsenic                                                                     /                                    

P2O5 content (w/w)                                                 ≥45%                            

N content (w/w)                                                       ≥24%                             

pH value ( 10% water solution )                              6.5-8.5                           

Solubility (at 25ºC in 100ml water)                          ≥80g                              

Water insoluble(25ºC)                                             ≤0.02%                          



Simple processing and easy to use. The halogen-free flame retardant additives are mainly composed of phosphorus compounds and metal hydroxides. Since the effective components of the water-based anti-combustion agent are basically inorganic salts, the preparation is simple, and the transportation, storage, and even use are very convenient.

Good security. The water-based flame retardant can not only obtain a high degree of flame retardant effect, but also has low smoke generation and low toxicity, and the amount of toxic gas and smoke generated during fire is small, so the harm to the human body is also small.

Good stability. Water-based flame retardant has the characteristics of good stability, not easy to decompose, not easy to volatilize, and lasting effect.



25kg plastic woven bag with PE liner, 17mt/20’fcl without pallets, 13mt/20’fcl with pallets.



in dry and cool place, keeping out of moisture and sunshine, shelf life one year.


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